Local Citation Package




Let our specialists do the heavy lifting with all your citation building. Our pay-as-you-go model ensures you get the best value for money, paying only for the most relevant, high-value citations.


  • Month 1 Setup
    • For your first order, a team of citation-building specialists will assess your existing listings and all other listing opportunities and attempt to claim automatically-generated mentions of your company.
    • These specialists will also do a deep dive into where your competitors are listed and any gaps in their listings that your brand can take advantage of.
    • Get a full report on pre-vetted, high-value potential listings your business can appear in.
  • Citation Building
    • Get the best value for money. Pay-as-you-go– no lock-in to a monthly subscription, no need to purchase citations in bulk– just the most relevant, best-value citations available for your brand.
    • Our citation builders will build your citations for you: creating accounts, claiming listings, and updating business information so that visitors get accurate information about what your company can offer.


  • Citation Building TuneUp

    Stay on top of the competition. At least every six months, it pays to check if any more opportunities exist to list your business online or to check what your competitors are doing.

    • Specialists will look into how you can further optimize and compete against other businesses in your niche and service areas.
    • Get assessments on the accuracy of your business information on existing citations
    • Updated competitor comparisons will show you what competing businesses have been doing and to find any new opportunities and gaps in their listing strategy